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Preschool Child with a Disability Information

School Registration for Preschool Child with a Disability

  • In the state of New Jersey, the school district is responsible for providing special education and related services to children between the ages of three and five years who qualify under the classification of Preschool Child with a Disability.
  • According to the Special Education Section of the New Jersey Administrative Code (6A:14), a Preschool Child with a Disability is defined as:
  • A child between the ages of three and five experiencing developmental delay, as measured by appropriate diagnostic instruments and procedures, in one or more of the five areas listed below, and requires special education and related services.
  • A developmental delay is measured by a 33 percent delay in one developmental area, or a 25 percent delay in two or more developmental areas.
    • The following five developmental areas are measured:
      • Physical (including gross motor, fine motor, and sensory (vision and hearing))
      • Cognitive
      • Communication
      • Social and Emotional
      • Adaptive
  • Please check the Ages and Stages pages for developmental information/ norms.
  • If you are concerned regarding your child’s development, please write a letter detailing your concerns about your child, their date of birth, and your desire to meet with the preschool Child Study Team.
  • Send the letter to the Moorestown Child Study Team, 350 Bridgeboro Road, Moorestown, NJ 08057.  Please feel free to also contact Leslie Wyers, Supervisor for Preschool-6th grade, at 856-793-0333, Ext. 14130.
  • An Evaluation Plan Meeting will be scheduled within 20 days of receipt of your letter.
  • A speech-language pathologist, learning consultant, school psychologist, social worker, and general education teacher will be present at the meeting.
  • A decision will be made at this meeting to evaluate or not evaluate based on concerns cited and observation.
  • If an evaluation is warranted, specific evaluations will be scheduled as will an Eligibility Conference date.
  • Evaluations will be completed by all necessary specialists.
  • Reports will be sent to parents 10 days prior to the Eligibility Conference.
  • At the Eligibility Conference, the findings of the specialists will be shared.
    • If the child meets the state mandated eligibility requirements to be considered a Preschool Child with a Disability, he/she will be classified and an Individualized Education Program will be created.
    • If the child does not meet the state mandated eligibility requirements, he/she will not be classified and will not receive special education and related services. Recommendations for home may be offered.
  • Moorestown Township offers two preschool placements.
    • Inclusion Preschool
    • SMILE for students on the Autism Spectrum